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Hire Purchase

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Key Features

  • Popular and traditional method of Bus & Coach funding
  • Able to fund other assets such as cars, ancillary equipment and commercial trucks
  • Fixed and variable rate pricing available
  • Non-regulated and regulated agreements
  • The customer will ultimately own the asset on completion of payments
  • Asset is treated as ‘on’ balance sheet for the customer
  • The customer typically pays the VAT upfront as part of the overall deposit  and therefore no VAT is charged on the repayments
  • VAT can be deferred up to a maximum of 3 months
  • The customer claims the tax capital allowances (writing down allowance)
  • The interest element of the customers repayments are usually an allowable expense against taxable profits

Key Benefits

  • Alternative source to bank finance
  • Fixed rate funding method allows the cost of the asset to be spread over an agreed period therefore providing cash flow benefits
  • Facility cannot be withdrawn provided payments are made – unlike other sources of funding e.g. overdrafts
  • Allows the customer to reduce their tax liabilities if they can fully utilise the allowances available
  • Variable rate funding available tracking the latest interest rates

Finance Lease

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Key Features

  • Payments spread over the period of the agreement
  • Fixed rate pricing only
  • Non-regulated and regulated agreements
  • Able to fund other assets such as cars, ancillary equipment and commercial trucks
  • The customer treats the asset as ‘on’ balance sheet
  • Rentals are calculated on the cost of the asset, exclusive of VAT
  • The rentals payable attract VAT (recoverable by VAT registered companies)
  • Reduced disposal or depreciation concerns
  • Customer rentals are normally off set against taxable profit

Key Benefits

  • The customer does not have to pay the VAT upfront
  • For companies that cannot take full or immediate benefit of the tax capital allowances (writing down allowances) a finance lease reflects the cash flow benefits in reduced rentals (which are tax deductible)
  • Allows the customer to retain the majority of the sales proceeds on disposal
  • Allows the customer continued use after the primary period by paying a secondary period rental


re-financing    re-financing    re-financing

Key Features

  • Re-finance a single or a fleet of vehicles
  • Fixed rate pricing only
  • A majority of vehicles value can be advanced
  • Sale & Hire Purchase back option (see key features of Hire Purchase)
  • Sale & Lease back option (see key features of Finance Lease)
  • Loan & Chattel mortgage option
  • Ability to finance vehicles which are already financed with another funder

Key Benefits

  • Provides a cash injection by releasing the equity in your vehicle or fleet
  • Removes reliance on banking facilities
  • Can aid the long term stability of the business
  • Accurate valuation of vehicles obtained for accounting purposes
  • Reduces annual bank overdraft facility fees

Contract Hire

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Through an associated partner we can quote comprehensive packages covering both cars and vans

Key Features

  • Both personal and business car finance options available
  • Includes any make and model of vehicle
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Option to include all maintenance and servicing costs
  • Lower monthly repayments compared to alternative finance options as a residual value is built in
  • Rentals are normally off set against taxable profit

Key Benefits

  • Fixed cost vehicle provisions and maintenance enabling customers to budget accurately
  • Reduces residual value and disposal concerns
  • Minimises initial financial outlay
  • Improves customers financial ratios as is accounted as ‘off balance sheet’

Business Loans

business-loans    business-loans    business-loans

Key Features

  • Loans for any purpose
  • Loans from £5,000 to £150,000 unsecured. Directors Personal Guarantee required
  • From £100,000 to £1,000,000 Secured i.e Company Debenture, second charge lending
  • Loans can be arranged against asset purchases from £20,000 to £1,000,000 – no deposit required, VAT funded
  • Interest Rates Average 7.6 – 8%
  • Fixed Rate, monthly repayment loans from 6 months to 5 years
  • No Up-Front Application Fees or Early Repayment charges
  • Minimum turnover £100k per annum and must be a UK resident director

Key Benefits

  • Totally independent from business banking, giving total flexibility to run your own business effectively
  • Fixed rate funding method allows the cost to be spread over an agreed period therefore providing cash flow benefits
  • Funds generally available to successful applicants within 7 days

Invoice Factoring

invoice factoring    invoice    invoice

Key Features

  • Provides an immediate injection of cash against the value of outstanding invoices
  • Goods are delivered or services provided to the end customer
  • The customer is invoiced and a copy of the invoice is sent to the factoring provider
  • A pre-agreed percentage value of the invoice is advanced (typically between 70% and 90%)
  • Cash advances are released very quickly normally next day
  • The outstanding debt is collected from the end customer by the factoring provider and the remaining balance is paid to the business
  • This is a source of finance which does not involve borrowing

Key Benefits

  • Immediate cash injection – money is released as soon as an invoice is raised, so no waiting for 60 days or more for payment
  • Improved cash flow - companies can tender for new business and start work on new orders without delay, as well as being able to settle own bills promptly
  • Ongoing working capital – factoring allows financial flexibility as the funds that can be accessed grow in line with sales
  • Time saving - factoring frees up valuable management time by providing a cost effective way of outsourcing sales ledger management and collections
  • Peace of mind through protection from bad debts - with additional credit insurance the business will still get paid, even if the customer becomes insolvent